Clinical Pilates services provided by Physioactive

Please contact Physioactive on 8522 4232 to make an appointment, or visit for more information and a class timetable.

Pilates is a system of exercise movements designed to develop strength of the core/trunk muscles that help to keep the body supported and balanced.

All exercises are low impact mat based exercises or using specially designed Pilates equipment called reformers.

Physioactive run a number of pilates classes everyday with a maximum of 5 patients in a class. Classes are individually tailored to your issues and/or areas of need, to help maximise your progress.

An initial Pilates introduction session is required, which is a one-on-one appointment with one of Physioactive’s Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists, which will assess your individual needs to help tailor your program.

Attend a Physioactive Pilates class to:

  • Strengthen core trunk muscles
  • Reduce pain and injury risk
  • Improve posture and strength
  • Improve lumbo-pelvic stability
  • Enhance sporting performance