Occupational Physician services are provided by Dr James Economos

Dr Economos consults at The Injury Hub on Tuesday mornings once/month. Appointments can be made by ringing 8362 8200.

An Occupational Physician is a doctor who has done extensive training in musculoskeletal injuries and disabilities associated with workplace or motor vehicle accident.


Dr James Economos

Occupational Physician

Dr James Economos is an Occupational Physician who graduated from medicine at Adelaide University in 1993, then obtaining a Diploma of Occupational Health (University of Adelaide), becoming a fellow of the Australian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (FAFOEM), Royal Australian College of Physicians in 2003.

He has been actively involved in the training of occupational physicians as the SA director of training from 2005 to 2016 and has provided onsite services to large employers, including General Motors and SA Health, and worked for several years at the CHG northern clinic. He is the current Chair of the SA Faculty.

With more than 20 years of experience, the main focus of his practice is helping those with musculoskeletal disability associated with workplace or motor vehicle accident claims maximise function by ensuring accurate diagnosis, identifying and addressing significant barriers to rehabilitation and working with the person, the treating team and employer to achieve a safe, sustainable return to rewarding work wherever possible.

Dr Economos provides an early access once off second opinion medicine (SOM) service to WorkCover/RTWSA and road traffic accident patients at their request upon referral from their GP or specialist. Claims managers can facilitate this. He also undertakes impairment assessments for RTWSA/WorkCover (WPI) and road traffic accidents (ISV).