Services provided by Northern Spine, supported by Professor Matthew McDonald.

For appointments please call The Injury Hub on 08 8522 4232


This will include a correct diagnosis to your pain, treatment and management pathway which is individually tailored to your condition.

SPINAL ASSESSMENT & REHAB CLINIC With Northern Spine & Prof Matthew McDonald

‘Northern Spine’ is an innovative spinal triage and management clinic, designed to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the assessment and management process of patients with severe, complex and/or persistent spinal related pain and injury.

Most patients referred to a neurosurgeon will not require surgery, and will benefit greatly by a well structured rehabilitation program. For this reason, it is becoming more popular to have experience Physiotherapist’s involved in the assessment of these patients, in consultation and collaboration with a Neurosurgeon to determine the best course of initial management. Patient’s that do require a Neurosurgical review will then have a fast-tracked appointment with Prof Matthew McDonald.

Professor Matt McDonald is one of Adelaide’s leading neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons and he will be working closely with the Physiotherapists at Northern Spine to assist in the diagnosis and management of non-surgical spinal conditions. The experienced Physiotherapists at Northern Spine will be able to offer advice and treatment to get patients back on their feet and meeting their functional goals.


If non-surgical management is determined to be the best form of initial management, an 8-week individually tailored program incorporating all aspects of spinal rehabilitation using the latest research evidence will be designed and carried out within the rehabilitation gym at ‘The Injury Hub’. These rehabilitation programs have been proven to yield great results, and compliance to these programs is higher when carried out by experienced Physiotherapists that are supported by a Neurosurgeon. Once recovered, an ongoing preventative spine program will provide long term benefits. After the 8-week program, the patient is reviewed to determine the best form of ongoing management required.